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About Us

We are Aimée and Robert and we want to help you relax... with lavender! 

After completing our respective Master's degrees at the University of Guelph, we were in need of some serious self-care and a break from academic life. We realized we were spending more time with our coworkers than each other and that's just sad. More than anything, we want a simple life growing food for ourselves and others, building our home, and spending quality time with our animal companions. 
Panoramic view of a field with the Gatineau hills in the background

This is where we hope to one day build our home and lavender farm. See the Gatineau Hills in the background?


All of our lavender products are eco-friendly, vegan, and lovingly handcrafted with our customers in mind. 

With our business, we want to put people before profits and sustainability before sales. We want to keep our prices competitive and relatively affordable so that as many people as possible can benefit from our soul-soothing creations. Plus, we try to use natural, plant-based ingredients whenever possible and only use the gentlest synthetics to help keep our customers safe and healthy. We always use 100% real Lavandula angustifolia essential oil and are experimenting with using plant and fruit powders for colour and fragrance. All the fragrance oils we do use are paraben-free and pthalate-free. We also do our best to source sustainably produced and highly recyclable/reusable materials to minimize our impact on the environment. Take our bamboo herb boxes for example- the manufacturer, Totally Bamboo, uses organic Moso bamboo which is super durable, fast growing and harvested by family farmers with minimal damage to the surrounding ecosystems.